The Weekend Soiree
Celebrating Wicked and Wondrous Womxn

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The weekend soiree 2018 dj’s


DJ Tatiana

For those not yet acquainted, allow me to introduce DJ Tatiana. Former official Billboard music Dj and chart panelist. She was born in Madrid, Spain and has been making people dance around the globe for over a decade. Fueled by her passion for music, this talented Denver based DJ has been rocking dance floors across the US and abroad with her beautiful smile and her energetic vibe. Regularly featured in magazines, social media, and TV throughout her music career, Tatiana has also earned several awards and community recognitions. A delightful peoples' person and a very talented musician, Dj Tatiana has headlined at leading club venues around the world such as The Church, Café Del Mar, Nikki Beach and Body English to name a few. She has participated in worldwide recognized parties and events like White Party, Electric Daisy, New York Pride, Fashion Week, AquaGirl and many more. She has also performed in the same stage with Chus & Ceballos, Skrilex, NERVO, Porter Robinson, Clinton Sparks and others. Her music doesn’t know any borders, her connection to people, wicked skills, track selection and an unmatchable energy have placed Dj Tatiana into a class of her own. From her performances in Las Vegas to the sandy beaches of Ibiza, she is a one of a kind performer. Tatiana incorporates many styles into her sound, from popular top 40s remixes to tribal house, with musical favorites from all genres coming together in her sets. Her passion and energy have created demand making her one of the most sought after new female DJ's in the game. To know Tatiana is to love her. A strong woman who offers the world far more than her good looks and taste, Tatiana possesses heart and character. These qualities shine through her music

DJ Blaque Gurl.jpg

Dj Blaque Gurl

Northern born but Southern grown. A lover not a fighter, but she'll knock you out.......musically, that is. Dj Blaque Gurl from Denver, has been spinning in the Colorado Scene for 20+ year. She has spun for special appearances on the Denver Pride Stage, as well as Fort Collins and Colorado Springs. Most popularly known for her Classic R&B and Hip Hop bangers, Dj Blaque Gurl also shows her groovilistic and funky roots in Traditional House music, and the "Classy-Rachet" of Twerk/Trap.  A resident Dj at Tracks Denver for 15+ years, you can catch her there most Thursday nights, making the crowd shake, wiggle and jump. 

DJ Ratchet Ivy League.JPG

Ratchet Ivy League

Ratchet Ivy League is a statement, overlaying trap music with comedic/scholastic commentary... Their particular love and enjoyment as well as woeful relationship to Hip-Hop content and elite academic institutions -- as a queer person and a feminist. Over the past couple of years, they have been the discperson behind the buttons during Via Music/Art/Life Festival, Roots Pride at Ace Hotel Pittsburgh, SunStar Music Fest and Full Bloom at Kelly Strayhorn Theatre, The BigWigBall @PittOpera for Dreams of Hope. Most recently they have a monthly residency with Ace Hotel Pittsburgh “In the Weeds” every 4th Monday of 2018, where the night curated by Ratchet showcases new or imported talent as well as Pittsburgh mainstays with R&B and Hip-Hop sound affinity.

DJ Little Indian.jpg

Little Indian

Little Indian is a DJ/Producer based out of LA and best known for her self-produced single, "City of Treasures," featuring Mark Pellizer from Magic! She's known for her stargaze poolside vibe deep house sets, 70s, and old school hip hop sets. She is a resident DJ at Good Times At Davey Waynes, hosts and DJs events at Soho House, West Hollywood CA and DJs for Buzzfeed’s events.  She is the Co-Founder of LA's largest all female dance movement, Milk Milk Lemonade LA.