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The Weekend Soiree is THE PREMIER Celebration for Queer Womxn! Fresh off of our inaugural retreat, The Rocky Mountain Rollout in The Mile High City (Denver, 2018), where we hosted more than 100 Queer Womxn at the Magnolia Hotel, we’re back at it... this time, in New Orleans! For 2019, we're bringing an even bigger and doper Weekend Soiree, Bedlam In The Big Easy.

As a Weekender, you’ll have a 360-degree experience that will leave you fed and full! The Weekend Soiree provides Weekenders, like yourself, with nighttime experiences and daytime workshops that honor you, us, we as multicultural Queer Womxn.

Our Rocky Mountain Rollout featured workshops covering diverse topics, including:

  • Passion Painting with The Muses

  • Build Your Booty and Body Bootcamps with Carter the Body

  • Communication in the Bedroom and Board Room

  • Reclaiming Queer Womxn’s Sexuality

  • Curating Sophisticated Cocktails

  • Financial Literacy and Wealth Accumulation 

  • And so much more!

In addition to workshops, Weekenders uncorked, popped bottles and cut rugs every night at our signature Set It Off Party, The Weekender Ball, The Wicked & Wondrous Comedy Show and The Sunset Barbeque.

At Bedlam In The Big Easy, there’ll be even more for you to explore! Simply put, at The Weekend Soiree, Weekenders have access to events and workshops that serve your wellness, creativity and intellect. Come thru, get fed!

We invite all Queer Womxn to join us on this luxurious and fun-filled adventure. Check out last year’s 2018 Rocky Mountain Rollout itinerary for a full view of our weekend experience! View 2018 itinerary


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Reclaiming Sexuality: How do Queer Womynx Show Up?

The act of reclaiming is the act of gaining knowledge. Join Shanae Adams aka HonestlyNae for a discussion based on the 5 circles of sexually. How Do Queer Womyn show up sensuality? What have you been taught on pleasure and beauty standards? How do Queer Womyn show up in their intimacy? What is Queer Womynx vulnerability and what examples are available of queer womynx emotional closeness? This 101 introductory workshop provides a foundation to generate conversation centered on the experience of Queer Womynx. Will you show up?

HonestlyNae is a Sex & Sexuality Professional who loves talking about pleasure, kink and communication dedicated to removing the stigma and taboo that comes from talking about and enjoying sex and sexuality.  While pursuing her Bachelors of Science degree at the University of Missouri she served as a Sexual Health Advocate Peer Educator on her university's campus. It is here that she discovered a passion for sexuality education and an adept ability to present these topics with a unique flair and an engaging personality. This personality is translated on her YouTube channel Honest Sex with HonestlyNae where she provides normalization, explanation and melanated representation. Her favorite sexuality topics include pleasure, kink, and communication. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Clinical Counseling and hopes to one day open a sex-positive mental health facility for and by queer/people of color.